Monday, 16 December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello future

 We were asked to finish all of our science fair projects. Here is a document of some question and guidelines that apply for the science fair. Fill out this form if you want to propose a question that isn't on that document. If you want to do a question in partners, you fill out this form.

Letter to parents: What is the basic information about the Science Fair?  (This is the letter already sent to parents.)
Mid-year form. You give your opinion about science class for the first semester. Mid-Year Science Class Survey

We then watched a video about how air pollution might make our sunset better.
It talks about how air pollutant might make a deeper, redder sunset.

a. What are forms of transportation that make less air pollution? - Eyes of Nye (No link

A form of transportation that causes zero exhaust is the hydrogen fuel cell car. It had hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is all around us;  we find it in water, H20, methane, and CH4( poop). 

The best alternative to pollution is making these cars: Hydrogen fuel cells. You can a little motor for about 100 dollars.

We humans created this car because of the increased air pollution.

One of the downsides to this is we have to make hydrogen by using energy, which comes from burning fossil fuels. Also, it is hard to store hydrogen in big tanks and brings some risks. Another downside is it can only go 120 miles on charge, and it takes 4 hours to charge. That's why manufactures are starting to make cars with both electric and gasoline based motors. 

Another thing humans can do to decrease pollution is buying smaller cars, which don't pollute as much. However, people feel "safer" in big cars, so everyday we see less smaller cars and more bigger vehicles.
The air pollution in some places has grown so much, like in China, that people in China are having to buy air filters for cleaner air!

The reason why São Paulo has so much traffic and is so polluted is because the city grew too fast. In about 30 years, the population grew so rapidly the city didn't have enough roads for all the people.

We reviewed the form about the class' opinion. 

Experiment with exhaust: 
At the end of class, we went to the parking lot and tried to see how much pollution came from Mr. Pro's motorcycle. This is a picture showing the negative kinds of air pollution and the device that we use to measure the pollution. 

This is us setting up the experiment in the parking lot to measure the amount of exhaust coming from Mr. Pro's motorcycle. 


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