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CO2 and Science Never Go On Vacation!

 CO2 and Science Never Go On Vacation!

To begin with, Mr. Pro introduced the class agenda:

After going through the agenda, we had to complete a survey about our partner's Carbon Cycle Diagrams. We had to give feedback to our partners about their drawings based on the rubric. Diagrams had to model which things added carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and which removed carbon dioxide.

                                                                                             Mr. Pro showing us the survey we used to give feedback to our partners

Diagram/Drawing Information:  Draw the carbon cycle.  It’s the movement of carbon on Earth.

The following (1-5) add CO2  → atmosphere
Amount of Carbon movement per year /Gigatons from
"Carbon Dioxide in Earth's Atmosphere."
States of matter for carbon
1) Volcanoes
solid → gas
2) Forest fires, both man-made and natural
solid → gas
3) Burning of fossil fuels
solid, liquid, gas → gas
4)Animals breathing
solid, liquid → gas
5) Decomposition of dead plants, phytoplankton, algae, animals
solid, liquid → gas
The following (6-10) remove CO2  ←  atmosphere

6) Land Plants
gas → solid
7) Phytoplankton
gas → solid
8) Ocean water, which CO2  dissolves in and becomes acidic
gas → liquid
9) Algae
gas → solid
10) plants, phytoplankton, corals, animals that become sediment (rock)
gas → solid


Afterwards, we had 5 minutes to correct our diagrams and then we handed them back to Mr. Pro. We then saw other professional diagram examples from the internet.

This is a student's example                                                                        This is another CO2 cycle diagram (Kid's Learning)


Diagram drawn by: Victor B.

During the second part of the class, we analyzed the following chart and talked about the consequences that it will have on the world:

This is the link if you want to explore it:

Then, we had to complete a survey about our questions, after reading and analyzing the website.

An example of a good question was:

For more examples be sure to check this site:

Finally, each student answered other student's questions by clicking the comment tool on the form.

                                               This is an example of Lucas T. writing a comment

At the end of class, we talked about the upcoming science fair that will take place on Thursday, February 27th, 2014. We discussed the letter sent out to parents, the rubric and other details we need to start thinking about.

                                                     Mr. Pro explaining the Science Fair

Suggestions/ideas for your topic may be found on this google doc. 

This is the letter than was sent to your parents:


Remember to start thinking about your group and your topic for the Science Fair! During your vacation start buying materials that you may need for the Science Fair!

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