Friday, 1 November 2013

We Can Not Let the Atmosphere Pop

Today we studied for our coming test:

The first thing we did was study Atmosphere vocabulary:

 In the test their will be a portion where you need to know the meaning of all of the vocabulary words to pass that section.  The link to the quizlet is here, but it is also on the science blog.


The second thing we did was we watched a brain pop about weather, climate, earth’s atmosphere.

Important things in the brain pop:
  • Weather is the condition of the atmosphere in a certain place at a certain time.
  • The weather depends on factors like tempeture Humidity and air presure
  • Tempeture is decide be how much energy air receives from the sun
  • Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air
  • Absolute humidity is how much water the air is capable of holding
  • Relative humidity is how much water there is in the air
  • When humidity rises you feel sticky and uncomfortable
  • When there is a lot of water in the air near the ground it creates mist up in the sky it makes clouds later the water in the clouds fall has rain snow and such
  • Air pressure is the weight of air
  • We measure this with a barometer
  • High pressure areas are connected with clear sunny days
  • low pressure bring clouds and rain
  • The presure is marked on a map with H and L
  • fronts is where bad weather takes place
  • they presure moves
  • An area long term weather patterns creates the climeate

The second brain pop about climate

  • Weather is what is going on with the atmosphere at any proticular time
  • Climate is an area pattern of weather over a long period of time
  • Climatolagist determine climate by precipitation temputure and air presure
  • tropical are near the equator the get the most sun light then any other place they are very hot
  • arid (dry) a little far from the equator  less rain and they have deserts like the sahara 
  • temperate climate the summers are hot but the winter are very cold
  • continental climate they are cold and are in the northern part of the world
  • Humid continental climates are warm in the summer and cold in the winter
  • Subartic climates are very very cold
  • Polar climates they are always cold  they are on the north and south poles
The last brain pop about the Earths Atmosphere

  • The Atmosphere is made up of gases mostly oxygen and nitrogen
  • They rap around the earth like a blanket
  • without the Atmosphere we would not be able to live here
  • they protect us by blocking rays from the sun
  • the Atmosphere has 5 layer the 1.troposphere 2.stratosphere 3.mesosphere 4. thermosphere 5.exsosphere
  • gases become thinner the higher you go
  • troposphere= weather
  • stratosphere= tempetures rise and the ozone layer
  • ozone stop uv rays
  • pollution has mad holes in the ozone layer in the north and south poles
  • Mesosphere coldest one
  • thermosphere Hotest layer
  • exsosphere is the highest

To watch these go to this

Lastly we did another quizlet 

For more information on the atmosphere got to this link

By Cian Miron


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  2. Cian, something I think you did really well is out links to the things to the things we did and listing them all. Another thing that you did well was including al the neccessary information. Next time, I think you should pay more attention to capitalizing the first letter of every sentence. It is a simple fix, just edit your spelling and capitilazation and everything will be good. Another thing that you can improve is writing things besides bullet points and expanding on certain ideas.


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