Monday, 25 November 2013

We Are Not Only Harming Our World, We Are Also Harming Ourselves! November 25th

We looked over the results of survey about smog
Here are two accurate answers from students in our block;

The second task was to watch a brainpop video about the thinning of the ozone layer.
It answered a few the questions we are supposed to answer in our essays;

What is causing the problem?
Answer: The release of CFCs, used in refrigerators and other household things, take a few years to get up to the part where the ozone is, the stratosphere. Once the CFC's reach the stratosphere, the radiations from the sun triggers a series of reactions that causes ozone to break down.  

What are people doing to solve the problem?
Answer: Many nations came to an agreement that they will control the use of CFCs.

The third task was to create a class essay outline.
The main step, was step number seven.
There were a few colored  leaves per book. We had to access a document called Atmospheric Problems Block 1. This is the key to what each leaf meant.
Here's an example of each colored leaf;

(Orange = Smog.) An example of a question for smog was; Describe the forming of smog.
(Brown = Thinning of the ozone layer.) An example of a question for the thinning of the Ozone layer was; Describe how the ozone hole formed.

(Yellow = Air pollution.) An example of a question for air pollution was; Describe how air pollution is being reduced.

(Red = Global climate change.) Lastly, an example of a question for a global climate change question was; Summarize CO2 level over the last 650,000 years. Describe current CO2 level.

A box would have our names written on it, and that was were we would have to write the answer to these following steps;

After reading the question and writing it down next to the box that said our name, we had to answer the question by reading the page in which the leaf was pinned on. After reading and answering the question in a 1 to 2 sentences answer, we had to go to easybib to cite the book we had read. 

And here are two examples of what it should look like in the end; 


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  2. This scribe post started really well with the title ,but then Martu din't add so much content on the post ,but she still added images of what happened in class and it was easy to follow. I didn't like the font of the answer because I couldn't see really well. In this post you could add more details of the brain pop and you should talk more about the ozone layer so we could know a bit of what you are talking about. In the end I thought this post was good and you could easily follow.


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