Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Summary and Deductions

Agenda And What We Are Going To Do Link

How does the water stay in an upside down cup?
It stays in, because gravity holds it in.

Very important text

Link For Task Summary - What Are Characteristics Of The Atmosphere? Link
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Robby's Work For the Summaries

Alex's Work For The Summaries

Nico's Work For The Summaries

Mr. Pro's Summaries

Class Deductions Link

Our Group Deductions


  1. Andrew,

    I think that right now your post is at a C average. But to make it to an A here is what you should do. I think that your pictures are a little blurry. Also you can just copy and paste the document that Mr.Pro put the summary expamples because it does not really talk about what we learned from the text and summaries.

  2. Sophia, I do not think you were supposed to write to Andrew, this was only your first blog post, it is not until the second one when you have to write a comment. I may be wrong, but this is what I heard Mr. Pro say. Furthermore, I will write to you and Andrew.

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  6. Hey Andrew,

    I like the variety of photos you have, and I can see what we did that day in class. There are a few problems, but they can be fixed. First of all, the pictures are a bit blurry, and text that you want in the picture can't be seen. Maybe if you wrote the text of what it says in the picture it will be easier for your viewers to see what occurred that class. Also, you could explain what we researched in the textbook, and not just tell us what book we used. In addition, you might also want to add the page number, and a link to Mr. Pros deductions. I think if you were to fix these mistakes you could get a pretty good grade. Overall, you have started of well, but you need a few improvements.


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