Friday, 1 November 2013

Studying, Videos, Quizzes Oh My

Oct 31st and Nov 1st - Lesson 6 - Mr. Pro’s away at Little 8
Content: Students will know or the definitions for the following words in:

Our science test will be November 13th or 14th, on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your block. By studying for the test you will improve your grade and have better knowledge about the content we are learning. In quizlet, there are many ways you can study. You can play games, try practice quizzes and use tradicional notecards. When you use the note cards and see the questions and answers, or you can just flip the notecard over, or you can create and document and write down the answers. 

This brainpop video it talked about temperature, absolute humidity, relative humidity,  air pressure, fronts and climate. Next, we took a quiz to test our knowledge we learned from the brainpop video. Click here for another outside source that teaches you about weather and these terms listed above.

This brainpop video talked about, weather, climate, climate types, sub climate types, ocean currents. Again, we took a quiz to test our knowledge that we learned from this brainpop video. Click here for an outside source that helps you understand what climate is and these terms listed above. 

Earth's Atmosphere: 
This brainpop video talked about, five layers of the atmosphere, ozone, pollution, ionosphere and why we have a blue sky. As you may of guessed, we did the quiz once more to test your knowledge. Click here for a more complex explanation of what we learned in this brainpop and these terms listed above. 

Bill Nye
Unfortunately, we could not access the Bill Nye video, therefore it will be left for next class. 


  1. To improve, give some examples of vocabulary words and their definitions as well as examples of questions and answers.

  2. Hi Sabrina, this scribe post was good, but you should of put some examples of the words and definitions in the post. You did good on describing each thing we did. You also should of put a lot more pictures because there are none, and pictures catch people's attention. Also, you should of taken out some of the color like the blue because it makes weird to look at with both of the colors right above themselves.


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