Monday, 4 November 2013

Spaceman Mr.Pro and density

The first thing we did in class was review density.

Then we reviewed the skills we learned last class. The skills were:

  • Don't touch dry ice for more than one second. 
  • For you to touch dry ice for more than a second you need to use special gloves

The third thing we did was revise the rubric for the scribe post

After that we did predictions about if ice sinks in fresh water, if it sinks in vegetable oil, and if it sinks in alcohol. We learned that water is the densest, than vegetable oil than alcohol. Ice floats in fresh water, Floats in vegetable oil, and sinks in alcohol. 

In this picture ice is floating in vegetable oil. 
In this picture you can see that 10ml of alcohol weighs 8.6 grams. 

Space man Mr.Pro is trying to see what denser: fresh water, vegetable oil, and alcohol.   

Safety and Trust 

Mr.Pro talked about how we can not take any class materials out of class. This came up because people were taking dry ice out of the class.

Lastly we formed groups and wrote some notes about the experiments we did in class.


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  2. Your post is good, but you need way more details. Also, you need to explain what we learned in class. You are just describing, not showing what we learned. Also, tell us more information about the experiment. I think we did more than just experiments Fernando.


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