Monday, 25 November 2013

Scribe Post.

To start the class we learned about Air Pollution.
Specific problems of Air Pollution is: 1. Global Climate Change 2. Smog = Smoke + Fog 3. Thinning of the ozone layer. After, he showed us our next project which will be an essay. We will only have one hour to do the essay which is going to give a lot of pressure with everyone. This is how each paragraph should look like.
 Paragraph 1: Introduction Introduces the problem
 Paragraph 2 ______ the causes of the problem and the science involved.
 Paragraph 3 _______ what people are doing to solve the problem.
 Paragraph 4 _______ how nature acts to solve the problem.
 Paragraph 5: Conclusion ________ the main ideas. _________ other ways to solve the problem in the future. If you want to know more information about this project that we are doing, here is the link to the blog. Here. After, he explained more about the project and what he expects. These are the following questions that will guide you with your essay. The following questions will guide your essay: Introduction: What’s the problem? Body: What is causing the problem? What are people doing to solve the problem? How is nature acting to solve the problem? Conclusion: What are other ways to solve the problem in the future? Then we watched a video, and while we were watching the video, we had to answer these question. How does burning fossil fuels in factories, power plants, cars, and in our homes affect the atmosphere? What damage can air pollution do you to your lungs? Define Smog Describe a problem caused by acid rain. What causes pollution? If you want to see the answer key, or learn about this. Click here. After watching the video, we learned that everything we do pollutes the air. We answered and checked the questions that we had to answer.
Then we watched another video about global warming. We learnt why it was bad. For example, the ice is melting and the penguins won't have places to go. One thing that interested me about what he said was, that canadians are very excited for global warming because it is cold there and it will soon be warmer. Also, people are starting to ride bikes and trying not to pollute the air so much. Soon after, he showed us a picture of Global Forest Covers. If you want to see the image that he showed us. Click here We learned that we are losing more forests than getting. Also, in Brazil, it is the densest forest in the world. The last thing we was to open the document What atmospheric problems have we created. We also had to open a form, and answer the questions.


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  2. Bethany, your post was nice. You could improve the format because it is disorganized. In order to improve, you may put spaces between the paragraphs so it is not a huge thing of writing. Also, explain what we learned in class and not only what we did.

    Overall, pretty good job, you just need to explain more and fix formatting.


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