Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Scribe Post - Density

 Today in science class, we reviewed & learned a few things that are very important. Density!

 Main Question of the day:
Which is denser, water, oil or alcohol? 


  • Get a beaker, and make sure it is empty inside
  • Measure the volume of the beaker by putting it in the weighting machine. 
  • Press a button, where you can clear out the volume of the beaker, but still have it in the beaker in the weighting machine.
  • Pour 10mL of water/oil/alcohol so you can measure its volume. 
  • Do the same thing to the water/oil/alcohol.
  • Record the information in your science notebook.
  • Pour all of the three liquids gently into one medium sized beaker (example, the one in the picture above is a perfect size. 
  • See which liquid is denser (the densest liquid is on the bottom of the beaker). 

In this picture to the right, was what we predicted first before we actually put the water, the oil, and the alcohol together. 

2nd Experiment:

  • Get two beakers and fill them with the exact amount of water. 
  • One beaker will need to have hot water, 
  • The other beaker has to be room temperature 
  • Put them side by side
  • Put 3 drops of any color of food coloring
  • See which one dissolves faster
  • Annotate your observations and discuss with a partner or with the class. 

What we learned:
After we made the second experiment, we discovered that the food coloring got mixed with the hot water, which was in the first beaker (in the picture, the one on the left). 

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  1. Gigi,
    I thought that your post was very detailed, but I think you would need to reread your post. Mainly because it was very confusing when I read your post. In the first experiment you could tell us how to find out if it is denser or not. Also you wrote: this shows how density can work in many different ways. I wished that you showed us how it worked in different ways. I would also recommend you to write how to do qualitative observations. In the last experiment you could write why it dissolved faster. I think that you could find a video in youtube to for people to see the experiment better. Overall,you did very well.
    Steph :)


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