Sunday, 3 November 2013

Science test coming up!

First, the class went to the blog, where they went on Quizlet. The students started by going on Quizlet, doing the activities provided by  Quizlet, such as: a mini test, flashcards, scatter, or even a race with the words and definitions for the test! Then, using Brainpop, everyone watched, as a class, the Brainpop videos. Students had the option to take notes if they wanted to, to study for the test. Finally, they took mini-test provided by Brainpop to test them on the videos they had watched.

Here is the site to Quizlet if the students want to revisit the site:

Here are some photos of the students using Quizlet to study for the test:
Underneath, the students is using the notecards which the students can flip to see the definition of the word that is on the front.

As you can see, the word was crude oil/petroleum, and when the students flipped the card, he saw what it was.

As I already mentioned, the students watched brainpop videos. Here is the first one, about weather:

Then, the students took the test for that specific video, as you can see on the picture below:

After taking those quizes, students watched another Brainpop video. This video was about climate.
Here is the link to that video:
As done previously, students did the another two quizes, but this time about climate.
Here is a photo of students working on it:

Then, the class watched the final Brainpop video. This one was about the atmosphere.
Here is the link to watch it:
 And as usual, the class took two quizes again.  All of these videos are to help the students for the test coming up soon!!!

After watching our 3rd video, students went back to Quizlet (link at the top). Again, they studied for the test. Quizlet was mainly about learning the vocabulary.

This entire class was to help the students study for the test, so that they could get a good grade!!!

Over all, in this class the students were always studying for the test that is coming up!
Here are the skills that  they practiced:
First, students practiced working individually, as today, the class didn't work as a group.
Also, the students practiced practicing for a test.
Since there was a substitute, the students could not ask many questions, so then the students chose how to learn themselves!

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