Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Science Scribe Post-Gui-11/05/2013

In the first minutes of class we decided the next scribes.

Then we made an experiment with air pressure. There is a cup full of water, and a card o top, he turns the cup upside down and the water stays in the cup with out spilling. If ├Żou pull or tuch the card down the card would open a small air entrance. So as a reactio the water will escape.

The we learned how to sumarize.  You can't be too specific and not too general. We wrote seven sumaries and made questions on any further problems we had.
Section Title
Summary of the section in one sentence.
(No title - it’s the introduction.)
Student Examples)
  • The atmosphere protects us from the sun.  (too specific)
  • The atmosphere enables us to live. (too general)
  • Our actions change the atmosphere. (too specific)
  • The atmosphere containing oxygen, which we need to breathe, protects us from the sun
Teacher Example)
The atmosphere, a changing layer of gas, provides us with air to breath and protection from the sun.
Example Questions about the section: How does the atmosphere change (over time)?
The Composition of the Atmosphere
Atmospheric Pressure and Temperature
Air pressure comes from the weight of air and it pushes on all things in the atmosphere.
As Altitude Increases, Air Pressure Decreases
Atmospheric Composition affects Air Temperature
Layers of the Atmosphere
The atmosphere is divided into four layers based upon temperature: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere.
The Troposphere: The Layer in Which We Live
The Stratosphere: Home of the Ozone Layer
The Mesosphere: The Middle Layer
The Thermosphere: The Edge of the Atmosphere

This is how we wrote our summaries:

How to write a summary:
  1. Read the text.
  2. Identify the main subject of the section.  
  3. Identify a main verb that the subject is doing.  It may not be the exact verb from the section.
  4. Summarize the main idea about the subject.  Tips for summarizing:
    1. Any ideas that are repeated probably contain the main idea.
  5. Often the main idea is in the section title or in the first sentence of the section.
This is a finished student example:



After we shared them with Mr.Pro.

The plan was to do the dry ice experiment today, but however we dint have time. So we dint do it.


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  2. First, check your grammar. There are many mistakes. An example is ''Ther is a cup full of water" Check the there. "You cant be too specific and not too general." Check the can't. ...

    Secondly, try to add more pictures. An example is you could have an image of the cup upside down. And tell us how the water doesn't spill.

    Thirdly, tell us who's notebook it is, because it there's so give credit.

    Finally, give us more information about what we learned in class. This post is basic. Tell us what we learned in the notebook. Why were we summarizing in one sentence?


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