Monday, 25 November 2013

Reading and Summarizing

Content: Students will
Carbon Cycle
  • Describe the carbon cycle; the movement of a carbon atom from the atmosphere through a plant, animal, and decomposer, and back into the atmosphere.
    • cycle
    • states of matter
  • Compare the rate at which CO2 is put into the atmosphere to the rate at which it is removed through the carbon cycle.
  • Analyze data relating to the concentration of atmospheric CO2 over the past 100 years, and describe international efforts to protect the atmosphere.
  • Describe events and the effect they may have on climate (deforestation, glacial melting, and an increase in greenhouse gases).
  • Describe the benefits of Earth’s resources, air and trees.
  • Identify ways that humans affect the atmosphere and the oceans and their limited capacity to absorb wastes and recycle materials naturally.
  • Students will summarize information from texts.
  • Students will cite works and use in-text citation.

Mr.Pro talked about the smog form. Here are the forms. We used some of these answers on the Smog Class Outline.

Then we watched Brainpop videos on air pollution and ozone.

Mr.Pro showed us the outline to use for the essay we are writing in class on Tuesday.

Then we picked books with a partner and answered the questions that are in the book on the document. You aren't supposed to answer the same questions as your partner. You are supposed to answer one question each. We used skills like summarizing information from texts to answer the question. We also cited works and used in-text citations when answering our questions.
Here is an example:

Respond in 1-2 sentences with in-text citation.  
Write one further question that relates to your response.
Works Cited
Click here for a reminder on how to do a works cited using the book feature in
Lucas T
Describe how climate change affects polar bears.
Polar bears can be affected by weather change by making the ice melt, and that may leave the bear without eating for months.(Woodward)
What can we do to help the bears?
Woodward, John. "Plight of the Polar Bear." Climate Change. N.p.: n.p., n.d. N. pag. Print.

Mr.Pro showed us one of the books which had a picture of the Amazon. He also explained that because there is deforestation in the Amazon and it is an important source for us, people don't tend to think of other countries being as bad as Brazil for this.

For the last part of class, we watched a video that has to do with global warming.

Remember that on Tuesday you will get two textbooks that you can use to write your essay.

For your in-class essay:
  1. Know what topic you will write on.
  2. Memorized your outline.  
  3. Remember to use:
    1. transitions
  4. Review how to do in-text citation.
  5. Check out the readings from the textbook.

Remember it will be hand-written! Get mentally prepared!


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