Monday, 4 November 2013

Quizlet, Brainpop, and Bill Nye

What did we do?

                                                  Alexandre doing "learn" which is the name of this activity on quizlet


                                                        Most people used flip cards 


After quizlet we watched the video on Brainpop the link is:

We had a small quiz of 10 questions (The Brainpop quiz)


We couldn't sign in to watch Bill Nye, so we kept on working on either studying or finishing the quiz.

Overall most people were on task, the room was very quiet during the brain pop quiz. We had some trouble connecting onto safari montage to watch Bill Nye. So we ended up finishing out brain-pop quizes for those who didn't finish and then practice on for the rest of the class. There were very few people who spoke portuguese. Lots of people used their time efficiently during class to complete their tasks or to study their atmosphere vocabulary. Everyone worked individually, and most of the class worked hard to study and or answer the quiz.

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  1. Christian,
    I think that your scribe post is okay, but there are several things I would fix. First of all, I would organize it better. You could put all the videos and images in a row, not scattered around. You could also give the link to all 3 brainpop videos. Also, the first image shown is a screenshot so we can't access the links. You should put the links separately to all 2 quizlets, not just one. Make sure you include everything that is in the rubric before publishing the post.


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