Thursday, 21 November 2013

Problems We Made To The Atmosphere!

What is air pollution.
Air pollution is a contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly oxides of carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen.

Brain pop

Google Doc.

What causes air pollution: Burning fossil fuels, fields, forest, poo :| really?

A jacket is the sun of earth. The heat cannot escape from earth.

Rubric for in-class essay.

Questions on Essay.

    • What are people doing to solve the problem?
    • How is nature acting to solve the problem?

How does nature acting to solve the problem?

Trees are taking out the CO2 and reducing the CO2.

Taking Notes

Asking Questions

Answering Questions from Brain Pop Video

Demo picture of sun light traveling to earth


  1. Owain,

    I really liked your post, and I think you explained this class (5 months ago) very well. Most of the photos are good quality, and your post is well organized and easy to read. Maybe you could have added even more words and more explaining. The links are correct and put into the post, but maybe you could have put hyperlinks instead of the whole link because it is more attractive. Good post again!


  2. Owain - I very much liked your post i thought that it was informative but at the same time easy to follow. I also thought that if i had missed that day of school that your post could lead me thoroughly through what the class did. Good Job.


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