Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Seats, Test Corrections, and Glass Fireworks at the End

First of all, in the beginning of the class we changed seats, but it was very different from before because the arrangement from all the desks were different from before, as you can see in the picture.
Screen Shot from Document 

Next, we also talked and discussed about some test problems, and also Ms.Pro pointed out what were some of the questions that were missed the most, and these questions were highlighted.

Screen shot From Test Document

In addition, we also talked about how energy source can affect travel time. An example of this can be that a long time ago, people traveled from Europe to America with wind power, and that took months to finish. This is different from today because now to go from Europe to America, it can take only about 3 days, which is much less than before. This is important because now a days people always want to do things faster, so this makes it better.

We also did our test corrections,and we did  our corrections in another colour. In the pictures below, you can see some people doing their corrections in another colour. Even though we don't earn extra grades because of the corrections, Mr.Pro expects us to correct our test for it to range 100%, and also we do corrections to learn from our corrections.

In addition, we also learned a bit about England's coal mines, and we watched a video that talked about engines, and how people had to get coal by hand. In the video a man explained that it was very tiring, but after a few years you would get used to it. Pushing this further, the video also talked about the difficulty that scientists and engineers had to pump water out, and also their solution to this problem.

As you can see in the picture beside, we talked about two specific problems on the test, one being the one of hurricanes, and the other one about the 12 meter straw. In addition to these sketches, we also did an experiment on the straw one, but not everything went according to plan....

In our experiment, we first tries it with a shorter tube, with someone sucking on it, and it worked. Next, we tried to do it from a 12-13 meter distance, with some people on top, holding the tube, and some on the bottom, looking. Moreover, Mr.Pro asked someone to pump so that the water could go up, and Sophia volunteered, who by the way let me use her phone to take these pictures and videos. So that is what we did, until something unexpected happened. While Sophia was pumping, there was too much pressure in the flask, so with a very loud noise, it popped, shooting glass shard everywhere. Everyone got very scared at that moment, and Mr.Pro told everyone to check if they were hurt, and Julia J had a little cut. Also, the pressurised explosion was so strong that a glass shard went through Mr.Pro's shoe, through his sock, and cut his foot. It wasn't a very pleasant scene.
          Flask that eventually popped.

videoFirst experiment, where a student sucked on the tube, and it worked.


Skills Learned
  • How to sit with different people, ant to know to accept that
  • That air pressure doesn't suck, it pushes
  • Next time use Goggles, as well as other things to keep us safe
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  1. Good job Lucas!
    You did a great job on your scribe post and you explained everything very well!
    Next time something you could do better is that you can write less so you only have the important information!
    Also you should have written a caption to all your videos so we knew what was happening in them.
    Although overall your post is really good!


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