Thursday, 7 November 2013

Most Important Class! At Least That's What Mr.Pro Said!

SCIENCE IS AMAZING!  *Italian accent*

What we did:
  • we talked about the last scribe post, and about some things that are going to change for the second round of the scribe posts. CHECK OUT THE NEW RUBRIC for grading.
  • we talked about atmospheric layers: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere. (we didn't talk much about the Exosphere.) 
  • Today's lesson: bring all ideas together for test. The Unit Test is on November 14th. Be ready!
  • Mr. Pro spoke italian and chinese
  • we watched a Tim & Moby brain pop video - Wind 
    how to get there:
    Wind BrainPop

    Task Procedure:
    1. Login by using the following details
      1. username: graded2
      2. password: graded
    2. Search for wind, and click on it.
    3. Watch the video.
    4. Do two quizzes. The review and the quiz.

  • we did two demos- the glass jars & sacks, and the fire and glass jar.

(For the demos we had one two glass jars, one with a plastic bag inside, and the other, the plastic bag outside. Then for the third demo, about the fire, we had a glass jar flipped with the mouth to the table, and then we had a small plastic container, under the jar, with water.We lit the fire inside the jar and waited for the reaction. If you were absent, predict what is going to happen.)
  • We used the big, bouncy, globe to learn about local winds and how and where they form.
  • We Drew Global Winds
  • We Drew Local Winds
  • students took notes on weather, wind, pressure, heat, and density.
We learned that: 

-black objects absorb more radiation that changes to heat than other colored objects.

-energy of wind comes from the sun.

-sunlight changes to heat.

-the higher the temperature, the lower the pressure. The lower the temperature, the higher the pressure.

Global Winds Drawings:

Best drawing was: Antonia's!

Local Winds Drawings:
Drawing from: Juliana!

After, students had to draw predictions about local winds. Drawing from: Julia Jacob!

Good job to all the drawers by the way!

Answers Key for weather, wind, pressure, heat, and density document:

Everything you need to know is right here:

the state of the air and atmosphere at a particular time and place: the temperature and other outside conditions (such as rain, cloudiness, wind) at a particular time and place

the average climate; a region with particular weather patterns or conditions; the average weather in a region over years

absorb (v.)
to draw in (heat, light, energy, etc.) ; for this unit we usually mean absorbing solar radiation and it changes to thermal energy

mass divided by volume

differential heating
the uneven warming up of land, ocean or other objects on Earth

displace (v.)
to move (something) so that it is no longer in its original or regular location or position

the lowest region of the atmosphere, extending from the earth's surface to a height of about 6–10 km (the lower boundary of the stratosphere).

a natural movement of air outside often due to differences in air pressure

high pressure
volume of air in lower troposphere that is higher pressure than the surrounding areas

low pressure
volume of air in lower troposphere that is lower pressure than the surrounding areas


Somethings we answered in the end of class:

Learning about pressure:

 The weather and atmospheric pressure in São Paulo, BR


   Last: Mr. Pro doesn't expect anyone to fail the test!


  1. Dear Giulia,
    I think that your scribe post was indeed very good, including the good images and also the definitions of words we studied in class.
    On the other hand, I believe that you have to fix a couple things, for example, you need an apostrophe when you wrote "Julia Jacobs", and also when you talk about black objects, there is a grammar mistake there. Furthermore, I think that you should take away what is not relevant information, which despite the entertainment, makes the reader loose focus on what really is important, which in this case is the learning. What I mean by not relevant information is:"Not important but, Mr. Pro loves Piranhas! True Fact.", or "Mr. Pro spoke Italian and Chinese", or even "Best drawing was: Juliana's!" As you can see, this information won't really help someone while they are studying for the test, because this is like a textbook, a digital one, and in real ones you don't really see these kinds of things. Finally, when you talk about the demo maybe you could have a video showing it, because it might be hard to visualise it, and also have the link to the demo document. I don't think that you missed any part of the class, so good job in that. All in all I think that your post was good though it needs some little improvements.
    Lucas T.

  2. Giulia, as I was reading your blog post I thought that it was very good and interesting I saw that you used specific details an that you were very reflective in your scribe post, I also thought that you have put very good images. I do not think that you have to improve your post but the only problem was that you had too much things that you do not need to put in there.


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