Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Learning how to Summarize a Text

Scribe Rubric Update

  • Add 2 relevant links to another part of the blog or site

  • Comment on the scribe post before you 

Example of a Scribe Comment

Demo - How does water stay in an upside down cup?

The first experiment we did in class had to do with air pressure. First we read the procedures in this document and made a prediction on what would happen. Then, we literally followed the instructions and came up with a conclusion on the bottom of the document.

Task Summary - What are characteristics of the atmosphere?

The majority of our class was spent on this activity. We had to read paragraphs from 448 and a few more ahead to make a quick summary on it. This activity was used to improve our summarizing skills because we had to improve this skill for the upcoming test. For further information about the test, look for it near the end of the post. 
Then, we shared our work and Mr. Pro recorded it in this document.

Then, Mr. Pro fixed or explained the paragraphs and summaries. 

Her, you can clearly see an enormous example of a complete and polished work from this activity.
Skills Learned

This class we learned two important skills that will help us in the future. We learned how we can write a comment, what should be included, and when we have to comment on whose post. Another major skill is summarizing. This skill is very important because we will have to summarize through the rest of our lives. For example, we will need to work on this skill to be amazing in the next quiz.

Big News

Less Laptops, more writing, lads

Unfortunately, Mr. Pro has discovered that some students have not been using their laptops wisely. He has come up with a conclusion and explained, "Less laptops, more writing. Let us bring the old school back to action." That is an idea of what he said. He didn't literally say that. I made that up. But expecting for more writing. 

Test on Second Unit - Atmosphere

There will be a test on November 14, 2013. The content will be the layers of the atmosphere. And the skill you will need to master on will be summarizing. You will have to do quite some summarizing, so be prepared. You can study for the quiz by doing these two Quizlets: Vocabulary Words & Questions and Answers. You can also print out these two forms as a portable source of studying for the quiz: Vocabulary Form & Question and Answers Form.


Think about these questions during this unit:

  • How can we use our knowledge to make the world better?

  • How do I affect my environment? How do humans affect the environment?
Also, if you'd like watch this interesting and inspiring video about making the world better.


  1. Write the content in the post! Why did the water not fall out of the cup? You must write that "air pressure keeps the water in the cup".

  2. You must document "how to summarize".

  3. Include what the layers of the atmosphere are!


Please write positive comments or constructive feedback in full sentences.