Thursday, 21 November 2013

Gaetano's Scribe Post- Nov. 18

First, we watched a video about coal. It explained that coal was originally C02 and was used a lot in Britain hundreds of years ago. Then it demonstrated how early miners used to do their job. 

The Experiment
Afterwards, we went outside to do an experiment. We took a very long straw and a jar of water, and then sucked from the empty and of the straw. We saw that the highest possible height you could make the water  was 10 feet, while the highest we were able to raise the water was 5 feet.

After we came back inside, we finished watching the video. It explained about Industrial Revolution, and how different places were more lucky than others in terms of coal. The two main coal producers were England and China. It told us why England was able to exploit its coal reserves, while China couldn't. 

Mr. Pro explained why Europe was able to dominate the world while China wasn't able to, even though they were more
The Industrial Revolution
technologically advanced. Mr. Pro said that that was because the Europeans knew how to exploit coal while the Chinese weren't. They were able to use industry and economy to grow, but China didn't. However, Europe's geography was terribly ruined. Because of that, the "factory of the world" moved the the U.S. However, because of inflation and pollution, it was moved to Japan. And once Japan was ruined, it was moved to China, and that is where it is now. China is becoming more and more rich, yet polluted, so as expected, the world power will change.

Video--> How Was Europe able to Dominate the World? <-- Video

After that, we went over the test answer key before Mr. Pro showed us our results. We went into this document and read over the answers. Once Mr. Pro gave us back our results, he asked us to work on our reflection. Mr. Pro went over the answers with us, while we corrected the tests. One we finished, Mr. Pro distributed cookies to everyone.

The main skills we used this class where curiosity and analysis. Curiosity when we learned about the Industrial Revolution, and Analysis when we processed the data from the experiment.

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    Please can you explain more. I also think that it is confusing and I remember somethings from the class that you didn't add. Other than that, I think you should put some pictures that connect to your post. Adding pictures, will help support what you are thinking and what you are trying to show and tell us. Other than that, you should add some links of documents and videos that we used or watched. For example, the video that we watched about england, it would be nice to link the video if anyone wanted to watch it. Overall, I liked you post but you could add some things.

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