Monday, 4 November 2013

Floatating CDs?

We started out the day by going over what we would do with the substitute teacher, and we drifted into the topic of why we do scribe posts. The scribe is supposed to write down important things about the class, and taking pictures or videos about what's happening. It helps you get better at note-taking, which is a skill needed in high-school and university, and would come in handy for tests or quizzes. Another reason why we have scribes is to help people that missed class. If you ever missed class, for whatever reason, you can just get on the Science 7 blog and check out what the scribe wrote down. This is really useful, because it helps students catch up, and if they didn't understand something correctly they can see the scribe post. Also, it's more efficient and it's easier on other students. Hopefully, if the scribe post is detailed and clear enough, you would be able to rely on the blog post instead of having to take notes every single class, and that would greatly slow down the class because people could get sidetracked and get on social sites or games instead of actually writing down notes. Overall, the scribe speeds up the class, helps students that missed information, and keeps track of what is done in-class. If you want more information on the purpose of the scribe, click here to check out the document on it.
       When we were done talking about the purpose of the scribe, we began talking about hovercrafts. Mr.Pro made his own hovercraft, by attaching a balloon to a CD he managed to get the CD to hover over the desk. The way this works is that when he blows air into the balloon and puts it on the desk, the shape of the balloon and the material force the air out, through the hole of the CD, which creates a pocket of air under the CD and pushes it up. I managed to take a short video of one time Mr.Pro tested his home-made hovercraft, but sadly it ended fast because it ended up falling off of the desk.  I found out this really interesting video, it's about a man that changed the original golf kart into a hovercraft. The hovercraft works much like the home-made hovercraft that Mr.Pro made, creating a pocket of air under the vehicle and propelling it forward, allowing it to hover over the ground. I think this would improve the experience of many golfers, because of it's many features. It can go over water, and it's footprint pressure is about thirty-three times less than the human foot, meaning that you can take many short-cuts through the carefully cut and trimmed grass without leaving a trace. The link to the video is here.
       Afterwards, we took a quiz (well, not me though, since I'm the scribe), the students had to fill in a table according to what it asked for. Later, they traded with a partner to check each other's work. This quiz was a test to see if they were ready for the test or not, and if they got something wrong or just didn't fill in because they didn't know, it told them what they need to study on. I won't put the table or answers here, because if I do, other blocks might see this and it would just ruin the purpose of the quiz, because students wont know what they need to study for. After that, the students made predictions related to some scientific scenarios. Students went over the answers together, discussing why they thought it was this or that. Lastly, we went over the deductions the students made on the dry ice experiments, and they exchanged papers and reviewed each other's work. 

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