Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Energy wrap up! ~Scribe Post

In our last B.1 class, we mainly had an energy wrap-up. The first thing we talked about was our parents. Mr. Pro talked about how it was awesome to meet our parents and how the conferences were so nice and fun.

The next thing we did was talk about how Mr. Pro organizes our seating chart. He explained to us he makes us sit with different people so we can meet people better than we already know them. By doing that, we develop our communication skills so in the future, we learn to work with people we don't know at all.

After all the seating explanation and parent talks, comes the work. We had to check our investigations and make corrections. By checking our investigations, he gave us about 20 minutes so we could review our grade, make changes, review comments, etc.

Additionally, as a energy wrap up, we also saw how energy costs money (which you probably already knew...) We saw some gas bills and how it is cheaper if you don't use that much electricity. Here is a bill as an example.

Shortly after that, Mr. Pro gave us a quick review about dependent and independent variables and how we use them.

Also, we watched a not long video about how many people pedaling bikes can power a hot shower!

Lastly, we watched a Bill Nye the science guy video about energy. The video included examples of projects, and also, the video talked about potential and kinetic energy.

In conclusion, it was a very fun class with a lot of videos and learning. :)

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