Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Be, The Scribe Again/ Text Book,Dry Ice, Summarizing,

In 11/4/2013 I was the scribe again.
 In this class we needed to use the Science Text Book.

This is our agenda:

Our new skill of today is a important: summarizing content. Which you will need for college, and more important events. Also we would finish the dry ice experiment chart. As we have not seen Bill Nye the last class, we will see today.

After that Mr.Pro and Fernando discussed about Fernando's post. Mr.Pro won the discussion.

Than we made a Demo called: Demo- How does water stay in an upside down cup?
Tools needed for experiment:"
Magic Card
 The Magic Card stays in the borders of the cup like this:

Mr.Pro wrote his observation in The Demo- How does water stay in an upside down cup?

Than we started reading the text book in page 448 chapter 15

Text Book
Text Book page 448

We read the pages and after that we would summarize each point that we agreed on. If the points were too specific we label it too specific, vice versa.

Summarizing isn't a easy skill, you need to get better in it by practicing.

Mathaus or Tomate said something interesting that I couldn't here. Than Mr.Pro finally said to Mathaus "Good Job". He made a backround for summarizing like how was little 8? He needed to summarize but not too much.
"It was fine, we battled until the finals, but we got disqualified because one of our players was 15 years."

I was lucky and I didn't need to do 7 sections of the text book. The other human beings in my class needed to summarize each point that they found in these 7 sections. Here is André summarizing.

Mr.Pro clarified what you need to do, he even colored the labels in the document that corresponded to the text book.
Here is footage of our class:

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  1. Your post overall was good, I would advise you to make the pictures so that whoever is reading the post can see the numbers/words. There were some parts where you talked about what we did but there was no picture! I say that you need pictures or videos, to show a example of what we did. Next time Mr. Pro shows something on the projector, instead of taking the picture of what he is showing on the projector, you should take a screen shot on the actual document, or copy what is on the document and paste on the post.


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