Thursday, 24 October 2013

Scribe Post October 24th - WARNING, Dry Ice!

Skills Required,

In the beginning of class, we did a quick experiment to learn about density, and some things we were able to conclude were;

  • Almost all fluids have different densities
  • If the fluids have same density or similar, they mix
  • Ethanol is the least dense fluid

To make sure we could see the fluids mixing or separating we added some food coloring, so they would be more visible. This is the salty water,

  First, mixed salt water and fresh water. The two fluids ended up mixing. A interesting fact is: If water evaporates the salt will remain. Our experiment went a bit wrong though, because we used hot water, instead we should've let it the salt cool down on it's own.

This is the picture of what it should've turned out to be, 

Next, we put iodine, ethanol and oil into a test tube.
The ethanol stayed at the top, the oil in the middle and the iodine sunk to the bottom.

This was the final product,

After the quick experiment, we had to fill in a form to summarize the investigation that we had done the class before. There were some questions about the information we had gathered.

After the form, we moved onto a an investigation with dry ice. First we read the method and did the experiment and afterwards, we had to write some qualitative observations.

Method Number 1

Method Number 2

Method Number 3

Method Number 4

Method Number 5

Method Number 6

Method Number 7

Method Number 8

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