Thursday, 31 October 2013

Science Review!

We did an experiment with a ballon, old marker, hot glue and a cd. The first step is to blow on the ballon. The second step is to leave it on a table. When we let it go, it hovers.
Fase 2 of the scribe post:
How to make the scribe post better:
Check the rubric
Peer Check
spell check.
The peer check will be an assessment soon
We also talked about how scribes are important.
He also said we need two hyperlinks for the new scribe post. (an outside page)
We also went back to "whats the matter" experiment.
When you are grading someone, you have to go to the rubric. You will comment on the person before you. The comment should have what skills you are missing in the post. You will also give constructive feedback. On Mr Pro's final draft, he explained what was happening, unlike before he did his final draft. He also added things that Chloe suggested.
That is the process of the second scribe
What are the quantities units and measuring devices for fluids?
We had to take a quiz to see if we know the measures (volume, mass,etc), then we had to check our answers with classmates.
Here are the answer

Task 2: What are the relationship between quantities?
Here are the answers for this assessment:

Later, we talked about dry ice. We talked about the deductions in the ice and observations. Then, we changed papers with other groups and  the other groups had to comment on our deductions to see if they agreed or disagreed.


  1. Hi Lucas,
    Your post was overall very good! I like how you were specific in what we did during class.I also like that you organized your post in a very organized way.

    In the contrary, I think you should hyperlink your blog to other links.You could hyperlink it to the document which explains how to improve the post. That way, the students will be able to see the rubric and see what is necessary. Also, in the very beginning, I think you should mention how the hovercraft worked! Explain how it flies and why it flies.

    Maybe you should make the photos bigger, so people can read it with more ease.
    Lastly, you need to document the skills we practiced during that class. Here is some of them:
    we practiced making qualitative observations, and that we worked as groups.

    Overall, your post was amazing!

  2. Hi Lucas,
    I read your entire blog post and I really liked it.

    First, I am going to say what I liked about your blog post. I really liked that you had good-quality images. In many posts, the photos could be blurry, however, in your post, none of the images were blurry. Also, I like that you have a very good organization. I think it was easy to follow for the eyes.

    However, there are some parts that you could improve in for your post. I like that your images were not blurry, but sometimes you could not read what was on them. For example, on the third image, I know there is something written on the board, but I can't read it. Maybe you should have just gone into the document that you had taken a picture of and pasted it on your post, to make reading it possible. I think that you should have Hyperlinked your blog to something, such as a google site or even a Google document. Also,you did not have all of the skills that we practiced during the class. During this class, we did not use a lot of our skills but we still did.
    We practiced making qualitative observations, working in groups, and listening attentively, as Mr.Pro explained a lot of things.

    But overall, I really liked your blog post. I think you should keep doing your posts this way because, as I already mentioned, it is organized.

    André Pinto


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