Thursday, 3 October 2013

Science Essay

Halifax Explosion
The Halifax explosion was a huge and tragic event. This explosion was extremely dangerous and killed almost half the city of Halifax, Canada. It happened on a ship carrying explosives that was set off by accident. Just think, you exploded half the city and killed thousands. The worst part is, it happened because of a stupid mistake.
First, the main energy change in this explosion was of kinetic of trigger of bombs→ chemical of bombs → thermal of fire → light and sound. The energy changes were quick and you would be unable to divide them enough to see them happen. These bombs and ammunitions were created originally to help Canada in war they were in at the time. Looks like the idiot who crashed the boat by accident wasn’t paying attention. It was idiotic because if the guy had been paying more attention to where he was driving, then they wouldn’t have crashed. The Imo was stupid just because the pilot ignored the protocol and tried to be smart. Also instead of killing the other people, they killed themselves.
The energy changes involved in the disaster are similar to the ones of the technology. They are kinetic of impacts → thermal of fire → chemical of bombs → thermal of fire → light and sound. Explosion led to the destruction of ½ the city and it left a huge cloud in the sky afterward which led to people needing to move out and live somewhere else. It also took many years to repair the damage. Approximately 1600 men, women, and children died immediately and almost 9,000 others were severely injured. 12,000 buildings were destroyed and 325 acres of the city were in ashes(Facts about the Halifax explosion).
The area of destruction was cleared out and was left empty. Then after a while, the people built bigger and better houses, markets, and workplaces on top of it. This shows that even though you knock us down, we’ll come back bigger and stronger than ever. The government helped in rebuilding. “In a period of 30 days troops under the direction of Colonel Robert Lowe, of Ottawa, constructed accommodations for 1000 on the South Common. A working force of locals and imports, built 40 two-story buildings housing 320 apartments. They also erected 4 blocks of apartments containing 16 apartments each, and temporary stables”(Facts about the Halifax Explosion).
In conclusion, the accident was a stupid one and it led to a lot of destruction. The people were either forced to move out or builder a bigger and stronger city. I think in the future, we should be more careful of who we let drive boats. If this were to happen again, who knows if it could cause even more damage. Also, the drivers of the boats should have no distractions so that they are only focused on driving the boat.

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