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Solar Panels for Iphones

Have you ever been taking pictures on vacation with your iPhone and the battery dies? Then, you realize that you don’t have your charger, and you can’t capture any more images during that trip. With Solar Surge, you won’t have that problem again. You’ll be able to keep your phone charged as long as you have a light source (Cattermole).

Solar Surge is an iPhone case that is also a solar charger. The main energy change with the Solar Surge technology is that it converts solar energy to electrical energy. Solar power is the energy of the sun. This energy is then used to power your phone, which is light of screen/sound of speaker. The great thing about this technology is that it’s already available to consumers. The Solar Surge can be purchased in the U.S. for about $80. Besides the Solar Surge, there are other solar charging cases on the market, including the Eton Mobius NSP300B Rechargeable Battery Case with Solar Panels for about $80 (Heimbuch). While your electricity bills will be lower, the most important aspect of this technology is that it can decrease the use of fossil fuels, and that it can be used anywhere there is sun.
Solar energy is a renewable resource and does not require the use of fossil fuels (Thomas). Unlike when you use a plug-in the charger, which contributes to global warming. Another benefit is that sunlight is free. After you purchase a solar charging case, it doesn’t cost anything to charge your phone. Moreover, with a solar panel case, you can charge your phone anywhere there is some source of light.

While you can charge your phone almost anywhere with a solar-powered case, there are still some negative aspects about having a solar-powered iPhone. It has been reported that the heat from direct sunlight can be harmful for the iPhone, which can allegedly cause your phone to explode (Cattermole). Some people might not use this case because they don’t want it to explode, but there is a solution. One thing you could do is take the case off your phone and charges the battery in the case. When the case is charged, you can connect it to your phone. Then, your phone will be charged without being in direct sunlight. Another negative aspect is, it takes a long time to charge. It completely charges in about 2 hours of full sun (Cattermole). However, if you don’t have full sun, it will take much longer to charge.

The main idea is that there are solar powered cases available that can charge your iPhone without the need of an electric outlet. It is renewable and doesn’t cause pollution and your electricity bill will reduce. There is a battery in the cases that gets charged by light. It is an improvement to have a battery in the case. The main drawbacks of this technology are that the case only charges efficiently in direct sunlight, and that the iPhone can allegedly explode if left in direct sunlight. This technology can be improved by making it so that you can keep the case on the phone as you charge with sunlight without the worry that your iPhone will explode. Though the case may be more expensive than a usual case, it is really effective since it practically always charges your phone. If the battery in the case is completely charged, you will have 10 hours to use your iPhone (Cattermole). In the future, companies such as Apple could start making solar panel cases that go on other technologies such as laptops, iPads, and other phone products. Apple could also change their products so that they can’t explode from excessive heat.  Then, people can keep the case on their phone, as they charge it in direct sunlight. As this technology improves, in the future people will be able to use this iPhone case all the time to charge their iPhone without the hassle of having to bring a charger with them every time they go somewhere.

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