Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Unit, Spontaneous Combustion and Pouring Air

We began the day discussing why it is important to not speak Portuguese during class and how it distracting to your peers and why do we sit next to different people throughout the year and why it is beneficial to sit in different places. We learned that it's important to sit next to new people because it will help you in the future to be able to learn co-operate with new people. It also make you see through a different perspective.
Then we discussed the new format of the blog.
Then we discussed on how we were supposed to collect out task books at the beginning of class, how we need to check the site when we are absent, how we need to make sure that we don't forget stuff in class, don't say bad words, respect people's opinions/things, how we need to make a better effort to make the world for everyone, and how we need to throw trash in to the garbage.
We began a new unit with air
we started discussing if we ever played with air ex:

  • bubbles
  • snow
  • toys
  • whistle
  • air guitar
  • farting
We began an minor experiment of why air is important to us. We tested this by holding our breath. Then we discussed on how you feel bad after holding your breath. We learned that air is one of our greatest needs so when we don't have air we begin to panic. We learned that every living thing is connected to the atmosphere.
We the began our investigation on cool properties of gases/air. Before we started we began to discuss safety measures. Then we discussed the methods of all the experiments. We were supposed to draw a chart on our paper for our investigation.

experiment 1:

experiment 2:

experiment 3 and 4:

Experiment 5:

Experiment 6:

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