Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Moonwalking Bear

On Oct 29 we learned many new things in Science class.

We firstly learned about the Mini hover craft.

You need a balloon, a disk and hot glue to make a mini hover craft.
   1.The first thing you do is get the balloon and put its end into the disk's hole.
   2.You then glue them together and inflate the balloon.
   3.Once you put the disk on a table (with the inflated balloon facing upwards) and release it, it will seem to hover over the table.
   This happens because the air in the balloon moves from the high pressure of the balloon to the low pressure below it. This forms an air bubble, making the craft float for as long as the air comes out of the balloon.
                                                                               Picture of the device

We then watched the Awareness Test to learn how well we can make qualitative observations.
The video asks us to observe one thing (number of passes), without telling us that there will be an unexpected moonwalking bear coming into the video. We were so concentrated on counting the passes we didn't realize the bear. This happens a lot during science observations because you aren't looking for it, you don't even realize its presence.


After that, we did a small fill-in-the-blank chart to test our understanding (not graded). The chart involved pressure, volume, mass, temperature and density. 

When we were done, we would swap books with someone and correct each others answers.
These are the correct answers:

We also did a fill-in-the-word "test" about quantities of gas. 

These are the answers:
Source: Alexandre

Mr. Pro showed us some good blog posts on the site and we finished working on our dry ice deductions from the previous class. We would write why we thought that each change/thing happened to the ice throughout the experiment. When we finished that, we would trade with other groups and the other group would make a check or an x to say if the deductions was correct or not.


  1. Write down some of the student deductions and observations.

  2. Document some of the skills involved in the group work.


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