Friday, 4 October 2013

How to measure what? - scribe post - Julia Jacob

How to measure each thing?
  • Today in class we talked about the scientific methods, and the skill that we practiced today in class was measurement.

  • The pictures below are some of the things that we used to measure our data for each lab.

This is the chart of the experiments, and who was doing what for block 8.
In this image above, it is shown that for each experience,  there is a different measurement. This also shows all the experiments.

All these images above show the steps to do each experiment.

The images above show the data that block 8 got for the experiments.

This is the volts measure. Used for the "# of Batteries" experiment.

This is the balance used to measure the amount of grams an abject contains. This was used for the "Mass of the Chip" investigation.

This picture shows Ji Won, and Nick doing the hot plate experiment. They use a tiny stove, a pan, a thermometer, and a graduated cylinder. This experiment were measured in Celsius.

This is Alexandre's data chart for his experiment, which was the Electric Circuit.

This is Victor taking air out of the soccer ball. This is the Bouncy Ball experiment. The experiment was measured by seconds (let go of air) and cm for the height that the ball bounced before and after.

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