Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Make an Accurate Graph



Finish collecting the two sets of data and make a graph in GeoGebra. Take a screenshot of the graph and send it to Mr. Pro with the link.

(Two different sets of data)

(The two sets of data on the top and the average of the two one the bottom)

Instructions for making the chart of data and making the graph

  1. Go to View → algebra view
  2. Go to View → spreadsheet view or push [control] + [shift] +[s]
  3. Input the raw data into a Raw data table (DO NOT write the units next to the measurements).  
    1. Write the independent variable quantity and units in the first column.
    2. Write the dependent variable quantity and units in the header of the second and third column.
  4. Create a new table called Processed Data below the Raw Data Table.
  5. Copy and paste the first column, the independent variable column from the Raw Data to the Processed Data.Find the average of the height.
    1. use the following
    2. formulae to automatically calculate the average
      1. =(cell for height1 + cell for height2)/2  *for height 1 and height 2

    1. If you can’t figure out how to use the formula, just type in the averages.
  1. Then click on the first cell and drag down for the rest of the data.

  1. Then highlight all the Processed data (only the data and not the words) and right click.  Choose create → list of points.

  1. Click on the graph.  Then click on Move Graphics View.  

  1. Click on the axes to move them so you can see all the data points.  Try to make your data points fill up the graphing area.  Make sure you can see all (6) points.  

    Labeling the axes for the graphs

    Label your axes.
      1. Right click on an axis.
      2. Click on Graphics at the bottom of the drop down menu.
      3. Click on the x-axis tab.  Click on Label, and write the name of the independent variable.  Write backslash and then the units.  For example, Time /s
      4. Click on y-axis tab.  Click on Label, and write the name of the dependent variable.  Write backslash and then the units.  For example, Height Average /cm.

        (Video with instructions for GeoGebra)


  1. Give an example of a finished graph and what it should have.

  2. Include some of the skills involved in data collection.


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