Thursday, 17 October 2013

Goodbye Energy

Today, Mr. Pro started by talking about why we change seats. He said that, by changing seats, we meet new people, make more friends, we develop communication skills, the classroom environment feels fresher and, most importantly, we learn how to be able to work with new people.

Class working

Next, we talked about the blog, and the changes Mr. Pro made to it. The change he made to the blog made it better and worst. He made some drop-down menus at the beginning of the blog, so that it looks neater, but is harder to access. Mr. Pro also gave us a tour of the blog, so we know where everything is. Then, he told us that the current unit, energy, was going to finish today. He also told us that in the next science class, we would be starting the unit atmosphere.
New blog change

After that, Mr. Pro reviewed with us the classroom expectations, and he stated all the things we did well, and all the things that need working on, or, in other words, we don't do so well. Then, we had about 20 minutes in which to check the comments Mr. Pro made on our investigation, and fix any mistakes. That was also the time to check our grades. He also used that time to remind us which variables were which and about observations.

Chloé working on investigation

Mr. Pro said that most people were getting their variables mixed up, and he reminded us of what the dependant variable is and what the independent variable is. He also told us that most people, while writing observations, were writing about the results, when they were supposed to be writing about what they saw during the experiments, and some things that could influence the results in some way.
Chip project Data

Then, we started a discussion about energy. Mr. Pro told us that energy is used everywhere, all the time. The most common types of energy is electricity. We use electricity for everything: transport, cleaning, watching TV, and even to turn on a light. We also use chemical energy for things like cooking. We also got to take a look at copies of Mr. Pro's electricity bills.
Mr. Pro's electricity Bill

Shorty after that, we watched a short video on hot shower energy. The video was about how much energy it took to power one hot bath. There were 78 people riding bikes at the same time to make enough energy for a hot shower. They had to ride at full speed most of the time, and even 78 cyclists had difficulty in keeping the water that hot.

Temperature of water

Cyclists riding bikes to make energy

Cyclists riding bikes to make energy

Cyclists riding bikes to make energy

After that, we watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode on energy. Whilst we were watching it, we had to identify the energy changes that Bill Nye mentioned, and tell him at the end of class. The video was quite interesting. It talked about different types of energy and gave many demonstrations of energy.

Turbine making energy using the flow of water

Gravitational and kinetic of bowling ball demonstration

Potential and Kinetic bowling ball demonstration

Potential and Kinetic bowling ball demonstration

Potential and Kinetic bowling ball demonstration

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