Thursday, 10 October 2013

Geogebra and Investigation

Mr.Pro explained the Investigation - Rubric & Grading.

We processed our data and sent Mr.Pro a screenshot our graphs and both data tables.

To label the axes, you right click on the axes.

Then, you click on graphics and write your independent variable on the xAxis, and your dependent variable on the yAxis.

It looked like this

Inline image 1

Then we completed the investigation doc. 

Independent (the one that the experimenter chooses)
  • time (minutes)
Dependent (changes depending on the independent)
  • temperature
Control a) constants
  • 250ml water
  • turn the hot plate on 8

Complete the following sentence:
As the time increases, the temperature should increase.

  • Hot plate
  • Pan
  • measuring cylinder
  • thermometer
  • water

    a) Raw Data
    i) Qualitative (describe observations using words and NOT numbers)

    In the beginning, the temperature would increase slowly
    The temperature increased more in the end of the experiment
    There was a drop at once because the thermometer changed places
    Water was beginning to boil when it reached 90 degrees C

    1. Write “As __time__ increases, _temperature__ increases/decreases/stays the same.”
    2. Use processed data to support your conclusions.

      This is Juliana's doc.

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