Sunday, 20 October 2013

First class of Unit 2!!!!!

Here is the agenda that we followed during class:

The first thing that happened during class was that Mr.Pro showed us the new blog, showing where instructions are. Mr.Pro made this so that we could find everything in one site, the blog.

After that, Mr.Pro explained what students should do when we are absent. He also explained that students should speak only English in class, so everyone can understand, and because we are in an American school.

There was two things that this class was mainly bad at, and that was to throw trash in the trash! Mr.Pro said that we should never leave garbage around the class. Mr.Pro explained that there were 3 trash cans around the classroom, so this should be easy. Lastly, we are always eating food in the class, which is bad. The students had to listen attentively to Mr.Pro so that they would never make that same mistake again. In addition, the students learned how annoying it is for Mr.Pro to clean up the mess after school. 
 Mr.Pro added all of this into the blog so everyone has access to this and everyone knows the instructions clearly. Now everything is on the blog!!

Then, we started our new unit!
Our new unit is Atmosphere. 
 First, Mr.Pro asked how people can play with air. Adam said that you can play with air with a fan. Then, everyone had to see for how long they could hold their breath. In conclusion, Mr.Pro said that every living creature needs to breathe, or they die.

Cool fact: some people train a long time to breathe for a long time, and then they can  stay 15 minutes without breathing!

Then, Mr.Pro said we would start our experiment!
Mr.Pro said that the funnest way to play with air was to play with balloons. Then we did an experiment that has to do with air. 
The experiment was that we burned a newspaper and put it in a jar, and put a balloon on top of the jar. Then, the balloon suddenly fell into the jar. This happened because there is a high pressure outside the jar, and a low pressure inside the jar. The air outside needed to move into the jar, but the balloon was in the way, so it pushed the balloon inside. 

Then, there were six experiments, and students rotated to do each one of them.
All of these experiments had to do with water. The students learned how to follow simple instructions to complete the experiments.  For example, the first one was about putting a Graduated Cylinder under water, and holding it upside down, with the top under water and the bottom on top. As you can see, the students practiced measuring small amounts of water with a graduated cylinder for some experiments. Another one was to get bubbles from one Cylinder to the other one underwater. After the students finished their measurements, they had to write down qualitative observations.

The students learned/practiced 3 main skills during this class.
One of the skills was to measure the amount of water using a Graduated Cylinder.
Students also learned to write qualitative observations, as they were doing one of the 6 experiments.
Lastly, the student had to follow easy to medium difficulty problems during the experiments. 

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  1. Andre, you've done a great job for the first part of class, but you need to document the skills from the lab investigation too!


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