Thursday, 17 October 2013


Daily Agenda:

1-. Your Parents
2-. Seating plan
3-. Check investigations & make corrections.
4-. Energy Wrap-up
- How do use energy?
- Where does that energy come from?

2-.New Seating:

3-. Check investigations & make corrections:
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Then we look at some of electrical bills:

We use energy all the time, but don't know how much it costs and  we don't know how much energy we use.We are the generation that use more energy. 
Why the canadiens use a lot of energy? 
They use a lot of energy because is very cold.
Australia is the second place to use a lot of energy, they use a lot of energy because is very hot.
the third is USA. 

  • How many people riding bicycles does it take to power one hot shower?

              78 people riding bicycles

Video Time!!!

Human power shower:

Bill Nye:

Bill Nye on Energy Part 1- Watch and answer the questions:

Write down three facts, Bill Nye mentions about energy.

 Bill nye gives many examples of energy changing forms.
Complete the following table for two examples of energy changing form.

Starting energy form of _____
Next energy form of _____
Next energy form of _____
gravitational of a pendulum
kinetic of a pendulum
gravitational of a pendulum


Do the work in your Task Book.

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