Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Energy Again!

The Agenda is pretty self explanatory.  First, Mr. Pro talked about our conferences with our parents. After, we finally changed seats! Also, we checked our investigations and concluding sentences. Finally, we watched a video on Bill Nye.

Unfortunately, many people did not complete the investigation.  This class we had many problems with this investigation including plagiarism(using the same graph), incompletion, and not sharing the document. However, most of the people finished their investigation, which is the good news.

Mr.Pro shows us that obviously, energy costs money! Everything you buy costs a lot of oil and money! First, you use oil to drive to the store, then you buy your product. Imagine how much oil a computer is made of! You use a lot of energy just do go buy something!
Here, we talk about the electricity bills and gas bills. We see how much 83 kWh costs in reais.

Later on, we estimated how many people riding bicycles it would take to power one hot shower. We watched a video to see if our estimations were correct. Additionally, bikes are the simplest devices that are able to create electricity using humans pedaling a lot.
It turned out to be 78 cyclists to power up one shower!

The main skill we learned this class was reviewing and correcting. For the most part of the class, we wrapped up our unit of energy to start a new one! We watched a Bill Nye video where he explained about the simple forms of energy like kinetic and potential. Also, we reviewed about wind, nuclear, solar, and hydroelectric energy while watching the video.

Due to the short amount of time, we weren't able to complete or start the rest of the activities on our schedule.

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