Sunday, 27 October 2013

Colder Than the Winter

This is our agenda:
In the beginning of the class, Mr. Pro talked about one experiment we did last class, in which we put salt water, regular water, and oil in a test tube. The salt water remained in the bottom, the regular water in the middle, and the oil in the top because elf their density. This class Mr. Pro added some alcohol and it remained in the top of the test tube since it was denser than the rest (Note: You can find the density of an object by dividing the mass by the volume).

Right after that, Mr. Pro told us about his post last class. He told us more about the comments in the scribe post. He did an example in the post of a student in which had many things to correct, and that every student must have a comment for someone that's gone before you. He told us that we had to have the appropriate labels and all the important skills, for example, in that post the student didn't put labels like unit title. We had to put everything we have learned and put hyperlinks to the words.

After, Mr. Pro introduced us an experiment, which was how to take the water of from one fish tank to the other without breaking the one with water. One student said that you had to get a tube and suck the water from one side of a tube and the other side has to be inside the water. After, Mr. Pro tried and it worked, but another student still had a question:

How is the water been pushed up?
After many tries one student was able to discover. The water was been pushed up by the air because air pushes everything in the atmosphere.

But Mr. Pro had a question for us:
What if take the hose out of the water?
We tried that and the water stopped, since we didn't have water to go from one side of the hose to the other.

After that, Mr. Pro talked about the experiment we did last class, about the Mass and Volume from these objects:

  1. Rock
  2. 3 marbles
  3. Knife
  4. Magnet
  5. Cork

After, some students finished the experiment and we went to this link to put all of the information collected last class.

At the end of the class, Mr. Pro told us the answers and told us about dry ice. He told us that we shouldn't touch it because it is -79 degrees Celsius
and it will kill some of our cells that are made of water and this part of our skin will fall. Finally, he told us about what methods we could use when doing that experiment and there was  a document talking about all of them.

When we did the dry ice activity students could only use gloves you use for cooking, if not you'll get "burned" because of its extremely low temperature. Some students put some dry ice inside the fish tank, which around one or two seconds later had lots of bubbles.

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  1. Dear Chloé,
    I loved how you said everything that we learned in class. I think that f someone in our block was sick and they read your blog I think that they would understand very clearly what they've missed that day. Very nice job!

    The only thing that I think that you could add to your blog is more pictures of the experiments, or a picture of the class doing work, or something like that. I also think that you could explain more about each investigation, because this can give a lot of information to people who read your blog, or people who visit this blog and they look at your post and see we do normally in class. And you also could check your spelling 'cause I saw a few mistakes. Overall, I think you did a very nice job with your post!

    Gigi Mancusi


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