Monday, 28 October 2013

But which is denser?

        In this science class we were to find out which is denser, oil, water or alcohol.
To start class we measured the cylinder we were going to put them into. Then we pressed the button so that when the liquid was in there, it would measure the liquid itself and not the cylinder.

Then we put 10 mL of each liquid in separate cylinders, and how many grams they weigh. This is the alcohol for example:

        10 mL of alcohol weighs 8.0 grams, so 8/10=0.8, and that is the density of alcohol. We did that with oil and water too.

        We took some notes last class and got in groups to use them to find variables that we might have done to affect the experiment or us. The assignment was to be able to complete at least five of those until the end of class, which most groups did.

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