Thursday, 3 October 2013

Alê B. Essay

Hydroelectricity, Itaipu Dam in Brazil/Paraguay

In the border of Brazil and Paraguay is located one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world. It sends electricity to about 1/5 of Brazil and 1/3 of Paraguay ("National Geographic Education"), making it a very good source of energy.  Hydroelectricity has many positive facts and some negative facts which makes it very popular and efficient. Hydroelectricity is known all over the world and all countries want it, yet not all can afford to build a hydroelectric dam.

In hydroelectricity, there are somethings that are needed to make it possible. The two main things that are needed are water and a dam, but more important, the energy changes involved in hydroelectricity which are gravitational of water → kinetic of generator ("Wikipedia"). The dam stores water most likely from a river which it depends on and by making a dam, it can hold the water, so it can be released latter to make the generator move to generate electricity, yet it floods the areas on the river side which can be an inconvenient. The electricity made out of hydroelectricity is a lot, being able to light up about 1/5 of Brazil and almost all Paraguay ("The Dam"). Most of the energy used in São Paulo now is made by the Itaipu dam (and also about 3 1/2 states from Brazil). That energy is not only used for light but for many other things from charging computers you are using now to heating up your house!

Hydroelectricity is known all around the world for its good use. It's very clean and very useful. Hydroelectricity has no type of waste or pollution. It depends only on water making it renewable helpful for the environment. Water will be on earth until its end meaning. Which is cause of the water cycle. Unlike like other renewable resources, hydroelectricity is way more efficient than others like wind turbines that only produce a little electricity by taking over a lot of space. That is not very good. All humans need electricity for a better future meaning hydroelectricity could be the future of electricity and even for humanity ("Wikipedia").

Hydroelectricity has tons of positive facts, though it also has some negative facts. One of the negative facts Hydroelectricity has is that it depends on a river. Any type of dam in a river will obviously make it flood, what is bad for the environment around it. People that depend on the river, that was blocked by the dam lose fish and transportation options. It limits rural geography, it might be good for urban areas yet bad for rural.

The main idea is that the 3rd largest dam in the world will light up nearby states and cities. This technology might improve in the future by generating even more electricity and even light even more space for example all Paraguay. This could be a possible project for many countries in the future interested in producing energy and saving mother earth.

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