Saturday, 28 September 2013

Would you like a big, juicy hamburger?

Would you like a big, juicy hamburger? 

by: Mathaus Silva

Today's Agenda:

1. Business
     a) Schedule
     b) Reports

2. How to use in-text citation

3. How to connect your paragraphs - transitions

4. What is an A+ essay?

5. Write (40 mins)

2. How to use in-text citation:

1. Go to
2. Open the URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.
3. Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite. Copy the URL from a source that you are using.
4. Paste it into the box that says "Enter website address or keywords to cite".
5. On the next page, add any additional information to the page that couldn't find for you. If you can't find any more information, it's ok.
6. Click Create Citation.
7. Add more citations for ALL your other sources by following steps 2 to 5. You need a minimum of 2 citations.
8. Write the following title at the bottom of your project: Works Cited
8. Copy all of your citations from and paste them below the title Works Cited.
9. Check that all your sources are there and that they are in alphabetical order.
10. Check that there is one line of spacing between each work cited.

For more information, check this link

3. How to connect your paragraphs - transitions:

Why is it like a hamburger?

1. The introduction and the conclusion hold the body together. Without the introduction and conclusion – without the buns – the middle falls apart. Your essay is just like a good burger; it should stay together.

2. Your essay body (paragraphs two, three, and four) has the most interesting details in it. The most flavorful parts, such as the meat and the cheese, go in the body. The juicy detail will impress your reader.

3. The conclusion is the second half of the bun. The introduction and conclusion are often a little plain, just like the flavor of the buns, but they are essential to making your essay complete.

For more information, check this link

4. What is an A+ essay?:

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  1. Hi Tomate!

    I really like how you include vivid details and examples from Mr. Pro's class period. For example, I really liked the analogy you used between the parts of an essay and a hamburger. Moreover, I enjoyed how you included a step by step process and how to insert in-text citations in the easiest way possible. However, I would insert more pictures for the viewer of your post to have a better visualization of what you are trying to express. For instance, it would be helpful if you included a photo of an actual hamburger to relate visually how it relates to the parts of an essay. Even though the post had this one minor mistake, it is a very helpful review of what happened in class, and instructs the reader very well.

    Thank you!

    Thiago Rossi


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