Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Do you know what algae bio-fuel is ?

                                                   September 17, 2013

                                Agenda & What we are going to learn this class.

Lesson Sequence    


   Today we are going to learn about algae bio-fuel and the procedure to complete a source citation.
1. What is algae bio-fuel ?

   We saw a video and talked about algae bio-fuel. Algae bio-fuel is algae that has been burned to create fuel. Algae converts sunlight into energy. The energy stored in the algae is in the form of natural oil. With the right conditions algae can create a lot of oil that can be converted into bio-fuel. If the oil is extracted from the algae then it can be used to create fuel for cars, trucks and even airplanes. Algae bio-fuel is used to prevent fossil fuels from running out and to help the environment.

We talked about its good points and bad points of algae bio-fuel:

Good points                                                                                                   Bad Points
1. It is renewable                                                                                             1. It is expensive.    
2. It is carbon neutral                                                                                       2. It is difficult to grow 
3. It can be built anywhere with access to water and sunlight

After seeing the video , Mr.Pro showed us some pictures of algae. We talked about the process of algae being burned to create bio-fuel.

                          2.  How do I cite sources?

After talking about algae bio-fuel. We reviewed the importance of citing a source. It is illegal to not cite work that is not yours. We need to give the author credit.



Mr.Pro reviewed with us about the importance of giving credit to work that isn't yours. Many students were using many facts and statistics that weren't theirs and not giving credit. Mr.Pro wanted us to cite the facts in our essays , so he showed us a site called easybib.com , to help us cite links. The steps for citing information are the following:

1. Go to easybib.com.
2. Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.
3. Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.  Copy the URL from a source that you are using.
4. Paste it into the box that says “Enter website address or keywords to cite”
5.On the next page, add any additional information to the page that easybib.com couldn’t find for you.  If you can’t find any more information, it’s ok.
6. Click Create Citation.
7. Add more citations for ALL your other sources by following steps 2 to 5.  You need a minimum of 2 citations.
8. Write the following title at the bottom of your project: Works Cited
9. Copy all of your citations from easybib.com and paste them below the title Works Cited.
10. Check that all your sources are there and that they are in alphabetical order.
11. Check that there is one line of spacing between each work cited.

                        3. Your Essay Outlines

Mr.Pro reviewed our essay outlines and gave feedback so that we could improve them. He left some comments on our outlines so that we could add more information to them.

 4. Start Writing

We got some time to check our outlines and improve them. When finished we could begin our essay draft. To help us write a good draft we could use the following Rubric.

                                                               Skills learned today:

1. How to cite information.
2. How to follow written instructions
3. How to improve work after receiving feedback

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