Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's a balloon, it's an airplane, no it's a water rocket


<-- Here is the agenda from Thursday's science class.

First we looked at Ivanna's scribe post from last class.

Later on, we learned how to study for the test that is next Wednesday, September 4th. We had a couple minutes to study for the test. We went on Quizlet and went through almost all the questions individually. Afterwards, everyone tried doing the Scatter game.
This is a picture of some of the questions and answers we went over together: A questions, B questions, C questions, D questions

Afterwards we watched a brainpop video about resources
You had to answer these question in your task books.
These are Ivanna's responses to the questions.

Some pictures from the BrainPop Video about resources

Some of our resources:
  • Wood
  • Sunlight
  • Fish
  • Grass
  • Water
  • Fossil Fuels
(Anything that comes from nature)

Renewable and non-renewable resources

-Non-renewable: Can run out if we use them too quickly
-Renewable:Will come back so we can use them again

We also talked about the energy of the sun

In Japan Mr. Pro saw whale sashimi on a menu!!!(raw whale)

Investigation: Water Rockets

1. Fill up the rocket halfway with water
2. Mark the water level
3. Pump the rocket and then let it shoot up
4. Look how high the rocket went
5. Fill in your chart
6. Do each number of pumps twice
 This is Isabel K.'s chart that she made to keep track of her data.

This is Mr. Pro filling up a water rocket

A panoramic view of the class
Watch the video about global warming at home on your own on Brainpop!

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  1. Include an example of a completed data table. Include some of the skills involved in the water rocket experiment.


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