Monday, 2 September 2013

The Geogebra Download

                                                                                                                           Andrew Fischer
1. Download Geogebra Webstart
2. Warm-up Resource Quiz
3. Investigation
    a) Class Data
    b) Process Data
    c) Screenshot
4. Study For Your Test
Geogebra Webstart
Warm-up Quiz

Mr. Pro is going to use a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel to use the Data from last class to use it for Geogebra Webstart.

Microsoft Excel

Mr. Pro is using Excel to get the average of the height of the rockets from last class.

Albin's Geogebra Webstart Average (pump rocket average)

Study for Test on Wednesday After finishing Geogebra Webstart Screenshot


  1. Your post should include steps to do all the skills such as how to use Geogebra.

  2. Include some of the content from the quiz.


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