Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Studying Time!

What we did in class:
 Downloaded Geogebra Webstart
 Warm-up Resource Quiz
    a) Class Data
    b) Process Data
    c) Screenshot
classroom Studied For Your Test

This is the warm up the class did. They classified the energy through renewable or non-renewable.

Geothermal energy is renewable
Solar energy is renewable
Coal is non-renewable
Biomass is renewable
Wind energy is renewable
Oil and Petroleum products are non renewable
Hydroelectric power is renewable
Natural gas is non renewable


    1. Calculate averages of repeated measurement
    2. Input data into a table in a spreadsheet.
      1. Write headers with units=height 1 meters
      2. Write only the numbers for the data=putting
    3. Use a formulae in a spreadsheet to calculate averages.
    4. Plot points in a graph program from data in a spreadsheet.
      1. Adjust the window of the graph so that all points can be seen.
      2. Adjust the window so that the points occupy most of the area of the graph.

The class downloaded the geogebra, and using it they found the height average of the water rocket launcher. They figured out that the more pumps they did, the higher the rocket went. Except for 2 that the expected didnt happen.

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