Monday, 16 September 2013

Isabela's Scribe Post. September 16, 2013

September 16 Agenda

Important Facts:

- Final draft essay due September 27, 2013

- Needs to be 300-700 words


Mr. Pro taught us what algae biofuel and what it does.

Good points about algae biofuel:

- Algae biofuel is renewable

- Carbon- neutral- It doesn't pollute directly

- It takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere

Image source

Bad points about algae biofuel:

- If it grown in a natural body of water it may kill pytoplankton/ plants

Here is a video that will help you learn more about algae biofuel


Why do we cite sources:

- People may think that it is your work

- Considered plagiarism if you don't

- Give credit to those who we take ideas, facts, or images

- To make your essay/ work more legitimate and more credible (believable)


How to make a works cited list for any ideas, facts, or images you use in your essay:


Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.

Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.  Copy the URL from a source that you are using.
Highlight the URL.
Push [command] + [c].
Paste it into the box that says “Enter website address or keywords to cite”.  
Paste by pushing
[command] + [v]
On the next page, add any additional information to the page that couldn’t find for you.  If you can’t find any more information, it’s ok.
Click Create Citation.
Add more citations for ALL your other sources by following steps 2 to 5.  You need a minimum of 2 citations.

Write the following title at the bottom of your project:

Works Cited

Copy all of your citations from and paste them below the title Works Cited.
Check that all your sources are there and that they are in alphabetical order.

Check that there is one line of spacing between each work cited.
See example at bottom of this document.


Start researching and working on your essay!


Essay Outline Guidelines:

Man-Made disasters:
  • Paragraph 1: IntroductionTechnology & Man-made disaster in a place
  • Paragraph 2: Explain the energy changes involved in the technology and its purpose for society (why it was created). 
  • Paragraph 3: Explain the energy change involved in the disaster and how it caused damage
  • Paragraph 4: Explain what was done after the disaster. 
  • Paragraph 5: ConclusionSummarize the main ideas.  Propose how similar disasters may be avoided in the future.  

The library has generously given us books to help us research about our topics!


  1. Give an example from the essay outlines.

  2. Good Job Isabela!
    I really liked your post and I liked how you added a video. I would like if you put a little more exampled of what we were doing in class, or you could also do a summary because I felt like it was a little unclear of what we were doing in class that day.

    Ana Karen


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