Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to do Our Essay

In the beginning, people were fighting for their topic. Then they used rock paper scissors to figure out the topics. Then he told us to read the articles in the blog

  • The essays will be 5 or more paragraphs and about 300 - 700 words.
  • The essays will be due on Friday, Sept 27th.
  • The essay topics are groups as

Topics 1 - 8: Man-made disasters:
Horrible events that . . .
        • caused harm to the environment and to people (in all of them, there were deaths)
        • were caused by a release of lots of energy in a short time from a technology
Topics 9 - 27: Specific Renewable Energy Technologies
      • There are many exciting new technologies that we should

Then the students were reading the article. Then Mr. Pro talked about how to structure the paragraphs and the sources to uses.
  1. Paragraph 1: (Introduction) General Topic, Specific Energy Technology
  2. Paragraph 2: Explain the energy changes involved in the technology and its purpose for society (why it was created)
  3. Paragraph 3: Explain specific good points of the technology.
  4. Paragraph 4: Explain specific bad points of the technology.
  5. Paragraph 5: Summarize the main ideas.  Propose how the technology may be used more in the future or how the technology may be improved in the future.


Then we went to the library to find sources such as a books (reference) or DVDs.  You go the the graded website, then you go the the library site. After you search up the key work of your topic to find a book or DVD. Also you can find a sites in webpath express. In webpath express, you can go to to places with reliable sources. After the librarians told us how to search things up, so the students searched up books. After they looked at the books, they looked for the online sites.

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