Monday, 16 September 2013

Gui Scribe Post.

Scribe Post 16/09/2013

This is our class agenda:

First we talked about some algae biofuel by watching a video.

Then we talked about the essay outline (we made one more example this time to Specific Energy).
Then we had an explanation to why we site links and give credit. 
Here are some points:
  • So that the reader can go to the site if he or she whants to read more about the topic
  • Gives credibility to your text and to make it legimite 
  • To obey the law and general ethics
  • To not get a zero in the project.
  • And the most important you do not learn 
Then Mr.Pro gave us a shearch site for information in websites and boks. Here is the link :
Then we got more time to work in the essay about energy.

Mr.Pro gave feed back to some people to let them know if they need to finish or revew the text.Some needed to edit because they did not follow L.A.R.K. guide lines.
Inline image 1
He said to use easy bib to citate the sites we used to reasearch.
Also we got time to work on the first draft.

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  1. Your scribe post should answer the questions on the agenda:
    what is algae biofuel?
    How do I cite sources?.


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