Tuesday, 3 September 2013


1. Scribe takes lots of photos
2. Show where to download resources for class
3. Do "the quiz"
4. Download geogabra.
5. Explore geogabra
6. Take Screen shot of the graph you made in GeoGebra during class time
7. Send the screen shot of your graph to Mr. Pro

          In the beginning of the Class, Mr. pro asked all of us to download a graph that would really help us called Geogebra. Geogebra was created by Scandinavian researchers,  which this tells everyone that this is a very reliable graph. Geogebra can be used for people in all ages, but it is mostly helpful for the kindergarten kids to make pictures, middle schoolers for science (just like us), and high scooloers for algebra or geometry. Geogebra can also do many other things. For example, in our class we used Geogebra to mark data from our last class experiment, which was water rockets. This was very helpful, because not only because sometimes it does the math for you, but Geogebra is organized in a very neat way that people can work without stressing out. 

(This picture is showing Mr. Pro explaning how 
Geogebra works and some things that are in it)

Don't forget to study for the science quiz on September 4th, 2013!

Here are three study tips:

  1. Unit 1 Test study - Questions & Answers: Quizlet Cards & Scatter

    2. Study Vocabulary

    3. Read Scribe Posts!

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  1. To improve the post, document some of the Geogebra skills such as how to use a spreadsheet to collect data.


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