Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Geogebra and Data

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:claramiranda7:Desktop:photo (49).JPGText Box: The agenda for the class

In this class we used a new program called Geogebra. Using geogebra, we put our results from the water rocket investigation and made a graph to compare the height of  where the water rocket flew. Also, we started studying for the test. We used Quizlet which would have flash cards that helps us understand what exactly are questions A B C D and F.


Text Box: These are the results of the height of the water rockets

To make the graph you had to find the average of the results.
Text Box: This is how we find the average

Text Box: This is the graph we made with the results and Goegebra

Text Box: Before making the graphs we played around in the geogebra site.

After we did Geogebra we started studying using the quizlet site. We would each do questions A B C D and F to see what grade would we probably get in the test.

Text Box: These are the quizlet flash cards we would use to study

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