Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boom Boom Zap Zap. Energy forms

Todays Agenda September 10th:

People Rock, Paper, Scissoring, for their essay project.

Video of a epic battle.

People researching their topics.

Know were, and know why/how something works/happened, on your topic. Also why things like this are used (only if you are doing something that is transport or something useful). Remember wright about the topic and (if you have one) the subtopic. You need 5 paragraphs.

they need to be for man made disasters:
Paragraph 1: 

Technology & Man-made disaster in a placeParagraph 2: Explain the energy changes involved in the technology and its purpose for society (why it was created).
Paragraph 3: Explain the energy change involved in the disaster and how it caused damage
Paragraph 4: Describe what was done after the disaster.  
Paragraph 5: 

Summarize the main ideas.  
Propose how similar disasters may be avoided in the future.

Also remember to put your work cited.

they need to be for Specific Energy Technology:
Paragraph 1:

General Topic, Specific Energy Technology
Paragraph 2:Explain the energy changes involved in the technology and its purpose for society (why it was created).
Paragraph 3:Explain specific good points of the technology.
Paragraph 4:Explain specific bad points of the technology.
Paragraph 5:
Summarize the main ideas.  

Propose how the technology may be used more in the future and/or how the technology may be improved in the future.

Also be sure to link your site for this.
Energy Topic block 3 here
Man-made Disaster
Specific Energy Technologies

How to's:
How to Search online sources. Like facts on file and ext.

  1. Go to the upper school library.
  2. Go to the catalog tab.
  3. Type your topic in the search bar.
  4. Then click keyword.
  5. Then click on the book you want.
  6. and if you want to find everything about the topic go to the explore part of the book page you click on and click on the Find It.
  7. If you want to find reliable web site click on Web Path Express.
  8. Then wright the call number down so you can find the book.
  9. Then go to the desk to check out the book.
Note you might get kind of the same answer for the search evan if you change the wording.

Google advanced search:
  1. Go to Google.
  2. Click on the gray gear on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on that then go down the option list and click on Advanced search. link here
  4. Then fill out the boxes.
Note you don't have to fill all of the boxes. Also be sure in the box called Site or domain put .org for a organisation .gov is a government organisation and . com is a common site.

Vocab Time:
Conclusion - A summary of what you said, or, Something that says the future

Special note:

To Ben
Have fun in Utah

Ben's last science class.

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