Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Test Correction Block 6 Heitor Scribe Post

Today in class Mr. Pro explained that we are going to correct our tests for half of the class, while the other half we went to the library to research for our essays.

                                      Then we got to research.

We also needed to decide what to do for our essays.

Then Mr. Pro explained the steps of our essay.

1) Background research of the topic. Then choose your topic that you like.

2) Research Basics

3) In depth research on
a) General Topic
b) Specific Topic

4) Essay Outline

After that, we went to the library to research. There we were tough ways to research online and on books. On the upper school library, we can look for keywords like energy. We also learned that we can search for more than books like maps or encyclopaedias. Every book has a number in which makes it easier to find. We also need to give citation to the book or site, to give credit for the information.

As show on the left, the upper school library website works really good to find books, maps, etc.

After that the students started the hunt for books inside their topics.

After all students got their books about their topics, they started on reading ad gathering information.

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