Friday, 13 September 2013

Be Klassen is The Scribe/ Essay Research, Outline, Grading , and Writing and Test Reviews

In 9/13/2013 we had a special guest called Ryan. He worked with Mr.Pro at basketball and made the same college.

But in  today's class we were making the test corrections to learn from your mistakes.
Essay research
Essay Outline
Essay grading
Essay writing

Mr.Pro playing with my soccer ball showing the change in energy in a soccer ball

One of our question was the one to use less energy at Graded adding windmills, solar panels e.t.c. We also reviewed the Belo Monte dam, that helped me at my debate at BSS. Mr.Pro said some against ideas that people would need to leave her homes because it would be flooded.

Test Question review

In the end of the class he will collect the tests for more grades.

The next step was to make our Essay outline. While in his explanations Tomate claimed that his topic is not good.After that he said that you need to write in your own words.

Next we talked about the mud volcano that was made by man in Indonesia . They drilled two kilometers under ground and found geothermal energy and made the volcano. Villages were destroyed.

Man made mud volcano

Woman being interview, one of the people leaving close to the volcano
This woman has lots of chance to lose her house. People steel leaves in the (^)dangerous zone. In 2006 an eruption happened. Every day muds steel comes out. It equal to 50 Olympics swimming pool.When the mud was erupted in Indonesia it was like a tsunami.

In this explanation Mr.Pro as showing the outline, and said something interesting for my topic. Thank you Mr.PRO.

He said that if you finish you don't have HW, but I am the scribe. I HAVE LOTS OF HOMEWORK. Mr.Pro said that if you are finish he will check your Essay with some comments.

For more information in the man made mud volcano CLICK HERE

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